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Name:Smith Wakefield
Birthdate:Sep 28
Location:NY, New York, United States of America

all the stars have been blown out.

Smith. Nineteen. Super powered.

He's been in New York City for a year and a half now, trying to navigate through life with the help of his friends. A lot has happened and he isn't the same person that left California a year and a half ago. Death does that to a person and he's experienced a lot of it in the past year. His optimism tempered, along with the handful of super powers he once had, he feels like he isn't sure he'll be able to move past the loss of the person he wanted to plan his life with, the person he was so in love with. He feels. A lot. He's angry in a way he never has been before and he doesn't know if he wants his powers back, mostly because he's afraid he'll hurt someone with them because he doesn't feel in control of much these days. He doesn't know what he wants at all anymore.

He might be going through a hard time, but his core remains the same. He's utterly kind, very sympathetic and most times, forgiving to a fault. He sees the good in people, no matter how lost they may find themselves, even if he's the one who's lost right now. His father is dead, his mother is estranged, he holds on tight to the small family he's built for himself here. He needs people in his life, empathy and affection being of the utmost importance. Broken hearts unravel him.

[Smith is from Kaboom (the movie). Canon break as the character developed. No affiliations. Mun and muse are 18+]
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